“Korona Kielce” Football Stadium 


Scope of electrical works performed by Elstar Electric at the „Korona Kielce” Football Stadium

  • Performing the support systems for routing electrical and telecommunication cables.
  • Cabling and wiring of the facility.
  • Installation and connecting of the supplied switchgears and electrical panels.
  • Illumination of the facility and the football field, installation of emergency lighting using central batteries.
  • External lighting.
  • Grounding and lightning protection and equipotential bondings.
  • Energy and telecommunication sewer system of SRS and DVK pipes along with the wells.
  • Installation of two transformer stations 15 / 0.4 kV.
  • Installation of CCTV.
  • Commissioning, control and measurement, and participation in the cooperation tests.

Silesia Office complex

 Kompleks biurowy Silesia

Scope of electrical works:

  • Supply and installation of low voltage switchboards.
  • Supply and installation of medium voltage connectors and switchboards.
  • Electrical installation in the building.
  • Installation of primary and emergency lighting.
  • Installation of external lighting.
  • Supply and installation of transformers.
  • Pipes and driveways heating systems.
  • Lightning protection system and equipotential bondings.

“Wietrznia” Geoeducation Center


Scope of electrical works:

  • Implementation of the MV cable line.
  • Implementation of the LV cable line.
  • Assembling of the transformer station.
  • Electrical installation for the entire building.
  • Fabrication and installation of main storey LV switchgear and in the technical areas.
  • Lighting installation of the buildings facades, parking and the area around the buildings.

Trzuskawica - Lime Factory


Scope of electrical works:

  • Conducting of LV power supply from SO-6 station to a containerized switchboard.
  • Supply and installation of containerized switchboard.
  • Conducting of installation from containerized switchgear to the complex of belt conveyors.
  • IInstallation of lighting on conveyor belts, track-and control room.
  • Fabrication and installation of LV switchboards , contactor-control- lighting cabinets, local control boxes.
  • Fabrication and installation of repair socket sets.

“Pasaż Świętokrzyski” Shopping Center

 Centrum Handlowe Pasaż Świętokrzyski

Scope of electrical works:

  • External lighting installation - lighting system for the area and the building facades.
  • Installation of 2x1600kVA, 15/0.4kV transformer station.
  • Fabrication and installation of low voltage switchboards based on Schneider Electric system.

Telecommunication Center Natolin

 Centrala Abonencka Natolin

Scope of electrical works:

  • Implementation of power supply concept for the Natolin Telecommunication Center.
  • Fabrication and installation of LV switchgear based on Elsteel system.
  • Installation of busbars.
  • Supply and installation of capacitors.

Heating Power Plant Dalkia

 Elektrociepłownia Dalkia

Scope of electrical works:

  • Conducting of MV 6 kV cable line and low voltage cables.
  • Delivery and installation of 15 / 0,4 kV transformers.
  • Installation of ventilation control supply.
  • Installation of technology cables and I&C cables.
  • Installation of fiber optic cables.
  • Electrical and telecommunication installation.
  • Fabrication and assembly of main LV switchgear, local control boxes and main control switchgear.
  • Lighting installation of building facades, parking and area around the building.
  • Measurement and participation in the technology start-up technology.

Heating Power Plant Gdańsk

 Elektrociepłownia Starogard Gdański

Scope of electrical works:

  • Modernization of the MV in main switchgear.
  • Installation works at the counter switchboard and security switchboard.
  • Delivery of the new control panel, assembling, wiring and connections test.
  • Delivery and installation, including the assembling of the tap generator switchboard.
  • Delivery and installation, including the prefabrication of the clock generator switchboard.
  • Assembling and connection RT visualization switchboards.
  • Supply of new transformer, assembling and installation.
  • Prefabrication and installation of generator connection boxes for the power introduction.
  • Electrical measurement.

Automatics projects


Scope of electrical works in Trzuskawica:

  • Execution of automation of wagon loading - software development for PLC with visualization.
  • Replacement of switchgear and control matching to the existing SCADA systems.
  • Automation of solid fuels unloading system using PLC drivers for operator panels and RFID system.
  • Electrical design and control system with SCADA visualization for the of lime sorting building.

Politechnical Institute in Kielce


Scope of electrical works:

  • Enlargement and modernization of lab hall at the Department of Mechatronics (mechanical electronics) and Machine Development.
  • Electrical installation in all lab halls.

Ekofiber, Bilcza near Kielce


Scope of electrical works:

  • Complete electrical interior and exterior works.

Office Park - Echo Investment, Kielce


Scope of electrical works:

  • Complete interior electrical works.
  • illumination solution.
  • provisioning and installation of switchboards.