About us


Ladies and Gentlemen

The company was established in 1986, and since 2001, it has been operating under the name Elstar Electric Artur Bygar with the headquarters in Kielce. We have many years of experience in performing internal and external electrical installations, in the design, manufacture and assembly of electrical-power electrical devices of a medium and low voltage. 






For years, Elstar Electric has been performing installations and supplying electrical equipment for industrial plants, hospitals, public utilities, office buildings and office complexes, sports facilities, telephone exchanges, transformer stations, installations of renewable energy sources – including installations of biomass.






All electrical works performed and devices manufactured by the company meet the requirements of Polish and international standards.

Modern technology used by Elstar Electric, components of companies renowned in the world, the highest quality of materials and raw materials altogether make us a highly reliable company.


Artur Bygar