LV Switchboards

To manufacture our switchgears we use cabinets and appliances produced by the following companies:
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abb ELSTEELLegrandSchneider Electriceaton

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Design, installation and fitting out/equipping of low valtage switchgears:
Providing the highest level of technical service and competitive prices we manufacture, deliver and install the following devices and equipment:

  • Low-voltage switchgears in any configuration depending on the purpose of usage: e.g. main switchgears, sub-switchgears, final switchgears, tillers, signal cabinets, measuring cabinets, individual-needs cabinets, construction cabinets, etc. The systems used by Elstar Elecetric allow to produce switchgears for rated current up to 7100 A. Depending on the type of a switchgear we can install various functional blocks in the same cabinet, e.g. withdrawable, plug-in and permanent units. We manufacture switchgears using the following systems:
    • TM, TM light - by Elsteel,
    • Prisma Plus P and G -by Schneider Electric,
    • XL3 4000, XL3 800, XL3 400, XL3 160, XL3 125, as well as switchgears made to be used in public utility objects and in households  - by Legrand,
    • xENERGY, XVTL, Profi+  -  by EATON,
    • Tri Line,Twin Line, Combi Line-M, SmissLine, Uk500, AT/U, FireProtection -by ABB.
    • Switchgears of other systems depending on design needs,
  • Low-voltage transformer switchgears with equipment consistent with the requirements of Power Plants and a user.


Elstar Electric Company complies with all European standards concerning assembling and fabrication of switchgears:

Simplified scheme of the housing switchgear

Each of the prefabricated devices has an output circuits with connectors and they are described if requested.
panel-operatorski Each switchboard is fully-described – a sticker with the description or engraved plaque is attached – it depends on a customer’s request.